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Why Choose Us?

Over a decade of experience is behind our team of licensed, insured, and trained professionals. They can handle any epoxy project that’s thrown at them. We prioritize not only giving you a quality floor but giving you the floor that you want. Your input and your ideas influence every step of our process so that we can leave you satisfied with your floor.

on schedule

When you can’t use your floor, especially in a commercial business or industrial warehouse, it can severely impact your productivity. That’s why we want to get in on time, install your floors and leave you with a quality finished product quickly, without cutting corners. We will find a timeline that works for you and your floor.

professional-grade resin

When an installer uses cheaper, low-quality resin, you end up paying the price in future repair and maintenance costs. That’s why we only want to use the strongest, most durable, and highest quality resins. Our resin gives you a sleek, seamless finish, and is non-porous and low-odor.

thorough care & high quality

Our certified and qualified operators offer full transparent service, and give your floor the utmost care it deserves. Using best practices, we want to deliver you a high quality floor without cutting corners and causing you long-term issues as a result.

Competitive Prices

We value transparency. We use cost-efficient resources and labor practices, and we include all of those costs in our affordably priced quotes so that no fees sneak up on you. 

Our Different Epoxy designs

Our installers are backed by over a decade of experience, and they’re ready to install our variety of different epoxy floor designs on your floor. Your input and our installers’ unique techniques will ensure that your floors will be truly yours. Choose from our selection of epoxy styles and enhance your floor space today!

Flake Epoxy Flooring

Perfect for Garages, Warehouses, Driveways, and much more! Our flake systems are made up of layers of pigmented coatings with vinyl chips broadcasted, at your preferred rate of coverage, underneath a durable topcoat. The finished surface mimics a granite surface and is incredibly shock absorbant.

Quartz Epoxy Flooring

Quartz is an incredibly popular practical flooring solution for any Commercial Kitchens and industrial facilities because of its high traction characteristics. It’s one of the most non-slip flooring solutions on the market because of its textured finish, due to the broadcasted fine silica sand. Perfect solution for high-traffic areas!

Solid Color Epoxy Flooring

Whether it’s in a showroom or a more practical janitorial space, Solid Color epoxy can check all of your boxes. From plain greys to bright yellows, you can achieve all of your practical flooring needs without sacrificing a creative vision. Often used for laboratories, offices, and other commercial spaces. You can also add non-slip additives for improving its traction even further.

Marble/Metallic Epoxy Flooring

One of our most popular epoxy design alternatives, Metallic is practical, beautiful, and well and truly unique each time it’s installed. It’s highly customizable, from the colors to the waves and streaks. The finish is seamless and sleek, with metallic pigment coats that produce a wavey finish perfect for any showroom, living space, or game room. Metallic epoxy can also be used to mimic marble in salons or office spaces.

Popular Epoxy Flooring Styles

epoxy garage flooring Tampa
Epoxy Garage Floors​

Treat your garage to a durable and beautiful new epoxy floor using our Flake epoxy system, designed specifically for your needs for your garage. From our selection of colors to our variety of different flake blends, you can achieve the durability you need and still have a beautiful floor!

Custom Countertops

Long-lasting, completely customizable, and a great alternative to the expensive commitment of natural slab. Resin countertops are highly durable, heat resistant, and can easily resemble natural stones such as marble or Carrara slabs to match your interior design.

Polished Concrete

These floors are long-lasting and efficient, designed with safety and functionality in mind. There are countless ways to customize these floors, such as adding anti-slip aggregates, pigments, stains, and more. They produce minimal dust, making them a great fit for industrial areas

Custom Metallic Epoxy Floors

If you’re looking for a practical solution that fulfills all of your creative and design desires, Metallic is one of your best options. From your input to the installer’s own technique, your floor is guaranteed to be entirely unique to you, and look stunning to boot. We have a myriad of choices for you to customize colors, waves, streaks, veins, anything you want for your floor!

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