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We are certified and insured tampa epoxy flooring installers, specializing in all kinds of interior and residential installation for flake, metallic, quartz, glitter, and solid flooring. We are also experts at polished concrete for your warehouse, factory, or any area where you need to minimize dust and protect your floors.

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Our installers are certified and insured to install beautiful epoxy floors in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater. We will ensure your floors stand the test of time by taking the tedious steps necessary to prep the concrete. We will patch, repair, or fill any holes or discrepancies to ensure a flawless, seamless finish. We are also experts in commercial and industrial installations for your Tampa office building or warehouse.

We value our customer’s concerns and will take your requests seriously.

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Our Tampa epoxy Flooring services

Backed by years of flooring industry experience, our certified and insured technicians guarantee high-quality floors, installed efficiently and on a reasonable schedule. We prioritize following every step of the process thoroughly and with care.

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Epoxy Flooring​

Durable & sleek floors that are guaranteed to be unique to you. Incredibly easy to maintain and sanitary, epoxy is a great investment for any floor.

Polished Concrete

Perfect for industrial facilities, polished concrete offers an incredibly glossy & sleek finish that enhances the benefits of concrete and keeps your floors strong for years and years to come.

Epoxy Countertops

Choose from a variety of designs and colors that will not only enhance your countertop’s design potential but also give them the durability and strength that epoxy provides. Using epoxy, you can mimic popular designs like marble for a third of the price.

Benefits Of Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy is a jack-of-all-trades flooring solution that checks all of your boxes: durability, beauty, easy maintenance, sanitation and so much more. Investing in an epoxy floor for your space is choosing a flooring solution that won’t fight against you, and saves you money in the long term. Epoxy is a perfect solution for any space that has a high foot or vehicle traffic demands.

Antibacterial & Sanitary

When the installation process for an epoxy floor is followed thoroughly, it will dry and cure as a solid, non-porous, and seamless surface. That means easier maintenance, easier cleaning, and less expense overtime for specialized services. Epoxy is also more resistant to stains and moisture collection than other flooring alternatives.

Longevity & Durability

From garages to industrial facilities, some floors need a strong and durable solution. Forklifts and cars, heavy products being dropped, and more, epoxy can take it all. Because of how it cures, epoxy bonds to both itself and the concrete that it’s applied on top of. Its strength and ease of maintenance means that your floors will be looking beautiful for years to come.

Sleek & Easy Maintenance

Our installers carefully and thoroughly apply your preferred epoxy system onto your floor, and because of their care, your floors will finish seamless, and sleek. No welds, no seams, no joints. This benefit is one of the main reasons for its sanitation qualities. It’s also one of the main reasons that maintenance on epoxy floors is so easy. With some simple janitorial tools and mild soap, you can easily and regularly clean your floors.

We Proudly Service The West Coast of Florida including Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater with Our Premier Epoxy Flooring Services.

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